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Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

Recently the south-east wind pushed some real warm air our way .
This does not look good for the upcoming summer cuz usually a warm may will bring a cold and often wet summer.
I hope this aint happening this time!
Well , Carpe Diem ... I had a couple of great rides in the area and in the picure I am at the coastline about 150 km from my house.
About 25 celcius was awesome. Had a break there with a sandwich and some coffee just sitting on the grass in my T-shirt ! :-) 
For more to come. Forecast say about 20 for tree more days ! Bet I`ll be rolling again ! Biggrin
Btw - the moutain on the island is named The Horseman. you can see him on top with his cape covering him and the back of his horse Smiley-laughing



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you ride when the weather dictates for pleasure. When on a trip and only have so many days, one needs to ride in crappy weather when you normally wouldn't ride otherwise if it were just a pleasure ride. I just hope the 20 days on the road this June to Eureka Springs, AR and back will be fair.

Great pic Arild ... hope the weather continues to be good for riding

Excellent photo, Arildt! We’re looking at mid-to high 20’s for the next few days. Happy spring!!

That's a hell of a backdrop

Great pic. Happy trails Arild.

One awesome shot Arild. Great to hear that you're riding.

Great to see two horseman riding on the back of their steeds. Have some good rides while the good weather lasts. Very nice Photo

Randy, I wish for you those 20 days will bring you fair weather .
Thanks guys ! Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe !

Great shot.

What a wiev!!! Arild - you live in the most beatuful country in the known world. Happy You!

I dont.zee any horse

Val, the angle from where I am takin the shot ain`t good. I would need a boat ! Smiley-laughing You`ll have to use your imagination! LOL

Very nice photo mate!

If I use my imagination it could turn into anything

What a view, what a nice pic... and 25 degrees, in Norway?! Are you sure you can handle it? What are you wearing during your rides at the moment? Swimming suit? Lol
Enjoy the summer and this beautiful temps Arild!

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