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Tax money

Tax money

What about that one guys?
"FÖRLÅT" in swedish means something like "forgive me" or "sorry"...
I don´t know about what the true story is, but I have a theory.

I can imagine that some local politican got some tax money to spend on "culture"... He/she maybe felt it´s not 100% OK .. So... He/she came with the ingeniuos solution: To put a BIG neon light sign in the middle of nowhere. Literally - nowhere - middle of a field, 500-700 meters from a country road. The sign lights every night... 

Costs for that piece of art, wiring to the field and costs for keeping it operational.... Unknown!!!



Own Photo: 


At least you can see ii, lol

I'm sorry I wasted your money on this piece of public art ??

Now that's just crazy....

Well .... Art as I understand are suposed to activate the imagination to the viewer.
This one does in such aspect!
There`s a Lot to be sorry about, or what ? lol
I like the swedes ! Smiley-laughing

I think this is a true miracle of art! Don't know what you are complaining about Marek... We are all talking and discussing about it now, so... Maybe you can contact that particular polititians who made the disission to put this peace of art there, but you can tell him/her he/she succeeded as it's world wide known now! LOL

What a waste... Till now I had only good thoughts about Swedish people!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Maybe he/she is sorry they screwed things up so bad. LOL. WASTE!!!!

There has to be a story behind it.
I would imagine that the council would all have to vote on something like this.

Now you have everyone intrigued Marek, you will have to find out the background to the sign !

I'm not shure I can pronounce it.

Art !!!
When I studied to be a teacher we had a poem to analyze .
I thought it was a very nice one having many possible directions of thoughts from the author ! I wrote a nice couple of A4 pages and handed it to the teacher. He turned down many of my ideas and told me that This was Not what the aouthor had in mind!
What the hell ??? How do you know ???
He just said he did and turned me down !
Art is to wake the imagination, or ???
He just looked at me and gave me no credit ! Lol
There is a Lot of teachers who should find another proffesion ! Smiley-wink

Arild.... Maybe he was the one who wrote the piece!!! LOL

No Gert, this author has passed away 20 - 30 years ago ! Lol
The teacher was an ols school MF and a knowhower of dimentions ! Biggrin

This probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't in the middle of NOWHERE. Or maybe the person who thought of it called the alien abductors some really bad names and they threatened him that there would be more if he didn't say he was sorry. This is the site of the abduction.


Same problem In Collage Arild, I would have to write a creative experience for English class. And it would get panned by the professor. I didn't think I was to entertain the SOB !! I never liked English classes after that.

Oh it makes perfect sense, Forlat!

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