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How to install windshield bags.


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Loosen the screws that hold the mettle strips on your windshield, It should slip right in then tighten them up again
Beautiful cat by the way

What Valerie said.
Video of install basicly showing what she said. lol

I quess whats throwing me is there is no holes in it for the screws to go through. I suppose I have to drill some, is that right.

And if you look at this picture is dosen't show the tail part. So I guess I trim the the tail off. Correct me if I am wrong.

No kiddo. the slit in the center is where the screw goes look at Edwin's vid. And I may be blind but the only tail I see is on the cat. What am I missing

My windshield has no center screw. it has 4 screws starting two inches each side of center.

Hummm. In that case break out the drill Smiley-laughing

Thanks for letting me bounce it off you guys. It helps. I know what to do.

Gurus abound here on CCC.

Suzuki windshield does nothat the three bolts in the mount brackets. Drew you may have to get a piece of stainless flat stock 1in x 12 in x 1/16 and mount that to your windshield mount. Then you will have a place for the little bags to bolt to.

Got it covered 4 drilled holes no trimming. Setting it high as possible from the 1x12x1/16 inside mounting which comes as stock windshield mount.

Very good

Well cool.

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