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Test Ride Of New Seat

Test Ride Of New Seat

Back home after test ride to Picton.
Seat was perfect. Nice and comfortable and I didn't use the toe rests.
Worth the money.



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That’s good Tezza. Wouldn’t be goodif you spent the $ and it wasn’t comfortable.

I had no doubts after having two Mustang seats on previous bikes.

Glad it worked out good.

I’m also glad to have a Mustang seat Terry. Very comfortable and also good looking.

Looks good too !!

That’s a great looking seat!

Looks good and suits the bike too.

What on your own to Picton. I'll join you next week. Cant wait to see the new seat. Looks nice and comfy.

Just a question Terry. You bought a new seat and made a choice not to go for a driversbackrest now you bought a new seat. Can I ask you why? I would like to have a driversbackrest but in that case I have to buy a whole new seat and mine is like brandnew.... to buy a new seat would be waist of money in my case, that’s the reason I don’t do it at the moment because the Mustang seat I have is like brandnew, but if I had to buy a new seat I would choose for a seat with driversbackrest...

Gert, Coz is my back rest.

Gert, the raised back of the seat is all I need as it supports my lower back (bum) and my actual sitting position is slightly forward.

I missed you Ray but found a nice place on the main street for coffee etc.

Thanks for comments guys.

Hi Terry - Great that you have got a comfy seat - it will make a world of difference for you .... I have bought myself another seat for the Vulcan, it is basically a brand new seat, the guy who bought it new after having hip replacement done and only used it half a dozen times and went back to his original seat and I managed to pick it up for $110 delivered - after a little modification to sit over the frame rail cross bar just in front of the rear fender, it fits quite nicely and the comfort level is up about 75% from the stock seat that I had modified for the tailbone ... The foam in the new seat has so much more support it is brilliant and has made it so much better for a cruise now.
The seat is off a HD Softail mid 2000's model - called a 'Tallboy', and is factory made for Taller guys and it fits me wonderfully ....
So, I hope your Mustang is as good as my new seat is - Makes a world of difference going for a ride now - it has renewed my ride enjoyment immensely, but still thinking of maybe getting a lighter bike something along the lines of a Mid Sized Adventure bike like the BMW F800GS or similar .... maybe for next spring/summer ?
I am still looking for a place further north but so are a lot of other people too ..
Take Care and Ride Safe
Cheers Mate -
PS - I will post a piccy of the New Seat shortly ... Smiley-laughing

Thanks Greg. Did a 200 plus ride today with the gang and the seat was great. At our age comfort is priority. The only problem I have now is a sciatic nerve down the back of my bum and leg. Any uncomfortable seats I sit on are short lived. Although my new seat was ok.
Hope all goes well with your house hunting and look forward to your pics.
Cheers, tezza

I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket many years ago now and as soon as I stopped having the wallet in the back pocket the Pressure on the sciatic nerve eased greatly and doesn't give me anywhere the grief I used to get from it ... I don't use back pockets for anything - just show and maybe save a bit of skin if needed ....

Glad the Seat was good for the 200k ride - I am pleased for you - good to have some nice seating for sure ....

Cheers & Ride Safe ...

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