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Thank you CC for the 2012 Hall of Fame Induction!

Thank you CC for the 2012 Hall of Fame Induction!

Team, great work!

Being an inducttee to the 2012 Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony is FANTASTIC and It has brought tears to my eyes. I love you all and am so thankful to have met you all ... and that meeting has turned into worldwide friendships! Cheers to all of the inductees and another Cheers to the Hall of Fame committee Marek (Polssken), Uwe (Uwe999), Rick (skeeter229), Dim (Dimitra), Kat (Katbrat) and Phil (PhilCole). Thank you all for your nominations. Cheers to 2013 and to the new friends we will add to our collection of Mates this year! Much Gratitude, Kyle (Manybikes)

Dim, fantastic write up!!
Marek & Uwe - Stellar Video!



My congratulations again Kyle! All honorees were most deserving of the award! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and again I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to you and Uwe for providing this community that has become such an important part of my life. I know there will be many others that feel the same way! Happy Holidays and may all your rides be safe ones!

Well done Kyle and all the other inductees. Is this your one day back at work for the year KB? lol

Congrats mate!

well done Kyle

Congratulations! Nice picture of you btw LOL

Congratulations and thanks for all you have done for so many over a long time. as Marty said it has become an important part of many lives around the world and the thanks go to You Uwe and the whole team for allowing such a diverse and great bunch of people get to know each other al over the world. Thanks again Kyle I still haven't looked at getting my TY going again.

Congratulations and thanks for all you efforts and contributions .... well deserved !

Happy holidays to you & yours as well !

Congrats Kyle!!! Very well deserved. Thank you for all that you do for this community! We love you Brother!

Yes Kyle it is well deserved, congrats

Congratulations Kyle. A well deserved award.

congratulation , my friend !!

Well done, Kyle.
Nice trophy!

Congratulations Kyle well deserved with all you do for the community

CONGRATS my friend...........long overdue !!

Conratulations Kyle well deserved.

Congrate's Kyle mate, Could'nt think of a more deserving Person

Well done Kyle! Sincerest congratulations. As almost all others have said, it is well deserved for what you have done for our community.

Kyle I don't think you realize how much credibility you have for us on this site! When you do a review or fitment, we watch and listen. Your expertise and approach with this audience is superbe.

Thank you!

Congrats! Without you, we wouldn't all be posting on this site to begin with! CC is a wonderful community thanks to all the hard work you, Uwe and the rest of the gang do. Hats off!

gratz on all your good work mate! i am having a cold one now for you lol might have some more as well

Kyle, thank you for all that you have done to make the community what it is!

Good'onya Kyle...

Kyle..............great work my FRIEND................( thank you also for the mirrors , I REALLY need them NOW) Got hit by a car today and my mirrors are "toast "....the left one anyway.

Congrats and thanks for all you do!

Congrats and well deserved. This site/ company has come a long way since I first found you online. Outstanding job.

Congrats on your induction.

Congrats Kyle, without you this site would not be what it is today. So for that I thank-you!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Congrats Kyle, after all you are the embodiment of Cruiser Customizing, and a motorcyler to the core. Thanks for your friendship, and help over the years. John & Mary

Congrats Kyle, Happy New Year

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