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Thanks giving

Thanks giving

Once again on thanksgiving I am thankful for the warm feet



That's better than cold feet. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving

Glad to see my yellowness is starting to wear off on you. Nobody will be stepping on your toes now.

Would be a great surprise if you would wear them on your work! I would see those faces!!! LOL

Glad you still like them and, Yes..... I’m sure they give you warm feed!

that would be funny Gert

Val.....don't you wind up on the dinner table......

Nice ... Feet... LOL.

You would need them up here. We had enough frost to on the windshield to make a small snow ball. Brrr ...

Looking very cossie , warm toes are HAPPY toes.. have a great day is 70 F to day and No wind I'm off for a nice little ride.

When your done with the70F, Sent it here.

Capt, we're closer. So we'll take it first, lol

Sounds good ! When your done. Point it this way.!

Had a great little ride only about 2 hr's. Still a very nice day for November and 55 F. Sunny. But rain the next couple days so I'll just do some work in the shop. I know it's 60 F in there. Cap I have 1130 miles so far. Stay warm

The first real winter night here as it was about -6 degrees! Sunny now but very fresh as it’s only just above zero degrees... OWWWWWWWW.... I hate winter!!!! LOL

That is just too cold. I only hope this weather lasts until Jan then it will really start to warm up. Stay warm I will polish my new Indian tomorrow while in the shop.

Wayne, I'm at 830. I need warmer riding gear.

yeah Wayne, you might have hit a stray bug or two in the abnormal high temps. LOL

Happy feet !

I hope warmer weather come to you soon.. I had to ride today but it was only 45 F. Still nice to ride a little. VAL very lovely slippers..

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