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Thanks Randy and Wayne

Thanks Randy and Wayne

Thanks for rescuing my things guys. So glad to have them home. Now if the bike would just get here, but according to the shipping place that wont be till about the 1st of Aug. Not that I am up to ridding, but I just want her home



Congrats Valerie. You definitely need your bike. Way to go guys

We don't leave anybody behind.


Good onya guys.

I'm glad . We did a better job of shipping that the freight co.

No kidding. It's the company Steve was going to use. I'm glad he gave me the info he had cause I had no idea where to start looking for a shipper at that time but they really got their head up their asses

Great to have such good friends Val!

So you rode up and shipped it back?

Still trying to get is shipped back. Was supposed to be shipped last Friday. Now they say this Friday. I would have rode it back if it was not for my ribs. I don't know when it will get home. The insurance company is on my ass about it and the shipping company tells me it's because Jackson is in the middle of no where. I'm very frustrated and angry with them

I can only imagine.

IT's good I shipped my own bikes myself. They got home quickly and cheaper. I hope you get Gracie back soon.

Real friends is a blessing!
Good onya guys and Big Thanks !
Hope you get her back soon. Heal well Val.

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