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That’s something! Salt on the roads in summer....


Very interesting.
I always wondered how the salt was distributed

Never heard of doing that in the summer. What are your Dutch roads made of Gert? Steak? LOL.

Its interesting logic when you read the link. I'm not shure about practical.

That would never happen here. We just pave over it they call it chip seal.

So right Wayne, Then it cracks in the same spots about a year later.

That’s just wrong. We get hot weather, and the USA gets even hotter. Never heard of anyone salting the pavement when it gets above a certain temperature. What kind of strange road surfacing material do the Dutch use?

Margaritaville, strawberry flavored for me.

And I don’t like it at all!!! No riding in winter because of ice or using of salt remove the ice and now they even start to use the damned stuff in summer what means... NO RIDING!!! Damned!!!

Its conspiracy with the car manufactures. Your car rust out so you have to get a new one.

Could be true Capt, follow the money to find out.

I think their roads are made out of 'Licorice' ???
Cheers - Ride Safe ....

Very strange. Smiley-laughing

That’s just wrong. It’s bad enough during the winter.

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