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There is a ball diamond under there somewhere!

There is a ball diamond under there somewhere!

We should find it by August!..........
           "SFFS" "OS" "LLAP"




Gary you need to go over there and make snow angels. Get some pictures for us. Lol SLAP OSPWB SFFS.

Oh!? You mean to say baseball is NOT a winter sport?

lol! I'm on it!!!

Gary, you can always make a snow fort and throw snowballs at passerby's. LOL.

another example of global warming Smiley-wink

Tomorrow is the meteorological first day of spring. Do you think they can get the field ready for spring training?

WOW Smiley-cry

Completely obvious to me ....
Canada, Eh?

You can always make snowballs and practice your batting. You won't have to fetch your balls.

We were "iced" out for my son's baseball tourney this weekend…down here in Texas!

It is actually kinda sad, that diamond has bleachers, lights and a picnic shelter. It is straight up, "If you build it, they will come." But nobody does. The little village where I live is so small,(450 people, they say 250 of em are in the nursing home) there is not enough kids. Same old story, this village was a lot bigger before they put the highway through

The old bypass. Stuffs everything.

no more snow,ha

go with the snow fort will give u something to do!!

Human beings were not meant to live in this climate, except for maybe the odd furry one!!

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