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Thought I'd repost this.

Thought I'd repost this.

This is to go along with my  video, "One Town's Diners" and the little story I put in the comments. My extremely short on stage career in Branson.LOL ROTF


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You're a natural Edwin...LOL!

Elvis is LHAO

I knew it !! Elvis's death was a cover up.

"We ever walked on the moon and Elvis ain't dead. You ain't crazy, it's all in your head."
Diamond Rio

A born natural Edwin. LOL.

How about a comeback tour !!

Just what, pray tell, is Elvis playing?

That's called a cane. That is another and rather depressing story. Think I'll skip that one. lol

Well it was a well played cane!
Was it an electric cane....Lol!

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