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Three New Grandkids

Three New Grandkids

My wife and I have had very busy year with the rapidly expanding family.
Three Grandchildren in three months.




How wonderful that is! Look at both of your smiles... Happy family!!! And Matt... about the very busy year, you didn't have to do the hard work is it? Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink Just enjoy! Congrats!!

Thanks Gert

Violet is on the left and is the youngest.

Myah is in the middle and is the oldest

Oliver is on the right and is the middle grandchild

Congrats to all ... great pic!

How awesome is that! And to get all 3 together at the same time is Gold!
Great photo guys! 1 for the pool room!

Great pic and the smiles say it all!!! Congrats!!!

Congrats Matt. Great looking family

Enjoy and spoil them rotten.

Congrats Matt... Your clan is growing to be a Empire!!!

Grandparents at 48 WOW How young were you guys when you got married. You cradle snatcher you. Congrat's Matt to you and your wife. All three are beautiful.

They were young, lol. But they have time to enjoy the grandkids

Exactly Allen.I have friends here that have just had a grandchild and they are 72 now, I think that's a little to old to then enjoy them, That's a big difference 48 to 72. My 2 old ones are teenagers now so We can enjoy them growing up.

Well said Raymond. Myself I do not have kids, but my sister has kids and grandchildren and I love them like their mine

Grandmas and Grandpas "Rock". Beautiful picture, the Currys must have a heck of a strong gene pool. Smiley-laughing

Great photo of Nan, Pop and the grandkids.

It really is a blessing being young grandparents we feel as though we will be able to interact with the little ones more.
Not only that we will be the cool grandparents that ride a motorcycle. Dirol

Matt you might have to get a bigger back seat like TG has to put the grandkids in and take them for a ride.

One in each saddle bag & velcro on the pillion seat

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