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Time for lunch, coffee and... a few smokes!

Time for lunch, coffee and... a few smokes!

Great to be in Sweden again, to meet Marek and Dana. We did already some beautiful rides, had a lot to chat about.. just a great time together!


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Thats awesome! Say gidday from us.

Just what town does Marek live in?
Wish we could be there........have fun for me too

A little village near Halmstad named Eldsberge in Sweden. You can find it on a map. It is the south west part of Sweden.

Its always good to see you and Marek.

HI guys have a great time together. It sure is nice to meet up with friends you don't get to see often.. Looking Good Marek..

Gotta love google earth, took a look around his home town on street view, looks like a nice clean place! I'm guessing he drives coach in Halmstad?

Great to see you guys enjoying and maybe a little misbehaving. Smiley-wink

Great to see you both together again.

Nice catch up for you both. Enjoy.

I just heard the crime rate in Sweden has increased. Lol. Have a great time all of you.

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