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tired destitute santa

tired destitute santa

it's the heat, the poor old dude is plum tuckered out - his reindeer have all died and he has no ride home, he doesn't have any money and bugger all toys left to flog - he will have to register for newstart at Centerlink soon - at least he will get the dole or if he is lucky he might get the pension - either way he will be destitute like the rest of us here ... Smiley-laughing
Cheers - Ride Safe -
frostbite ...



At least he is warm and broke.

Maybe I might take him a couple of cold beers !!!

Warm is better than cold, unless it's beer

Santa Swagman?

Yeah, he crashed and burned here in OZ - in the Outback Somewhere - a friend sent me a photo he took of him camped up on the side of the road - left him a couple of cold beers and a few tins of food - said he was expecting a new Sleigh & a Team of Aussie Kangas to haul it - maybe he is back at the Pole by now - Whereabouts Unknown !!!
Sounds like a good Aussie Bull$hit Story hey ... Smiley-laughing
cheers ...

At least he found a better hat to keep the sun out of his eyes versus that other brimless thing. Times is tough for the majority of us. I think he needs to take on the role of Robinhood and steal from rich and spread to the poor.

I think swapping the Red baggy suit for Green leotards sounds like a great idea - I might even be inclined to be one of his Merry Men ..... maybe little john .... definitely not some of the other merry men though ... Smiley-laughing

I wish him luck with centrelink Greg. LOL.

He'll get it No Worries - he might have to find a leaky boat to use though - if you know what I mean Smiley-laughing

I’d say he’s pretty hot and broke. Must be about to bbq that jumbuck.

He ate the reindeer and sold all the presents to raise money for booze

so that is why I never got anything for Xmas.

No....that wasn’t the reason....

What are you trying to tell me Al, that I was naughty? Couldn't of been that as I didn't get a lump of coal either. I could have sold that.

He'll be right once the billy is boiled.

I hope he bought a packet of 'Billy Tea' with his pension money ...
Propper BILLY TEA and a bit of fresh Damper smothered in Golden Syrup - you just can't beat it for smoko ...
cheers ...

He could've boiled the bully without the fire yesterday.

Yeah, we made 36*C up here with a HOT Northerly blowing at around 60 - 70 kph - good day to be indoors with the air con on and that is right where I was all day .....
Stay out of the Heat if you can ....
Cheers ...

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