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Today’s Drive

Today’s Drive

another dump of snow today - about 30 cm over the past 24 hours. .... and -27C tonight. Looks like the Valk will be in hibernation for another 6 weeks!


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Way too COLD for me ... I hope you get an early thaw and a really nice Spring Time ...

OMG!!! You have just one wish... let it rain warm water for a week!!!

As Dean Martin said .... baby it’s cold outside ..., !!

Brass monkey weather. Smiley-wink

Yeah, if we're lucky Len.

I was only talking to my nephew yesterday who flew from Adelaide were it is 40ºC+ to New York were it is 2 and snowing.

As pretty and romanticised as the snowy scene looks for someone who's never experienced it, and as much as I always think it's so beautiful! I am very sure I wouldn't want to live this reality, for the cold, for the inconvenience of getting snowed in, and for the lack of ride time. I do hope it thaws out for you so you can get your two wheeled therapy soon.

Snow and cold really suck!

Looks nasty to me. I thought 50 F was cold.

It rained like hell all weekend here. Mine is socked in until the yard dries out.

I spoke tooo soon the temps just dropped to 19 F and 13 F the next few days. The wind is blowing about 5-10 mph. No snow in the forecast this is good..

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