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Today, big Red will get its service...

Today, big Red will get its service...

Yes, it's spring here in Holland. I made a appointment with Ap from the biker store and he will give big Red its service today. I want it done properly so the bike is well prepared for my ride to Sweden within about 7 weeks from now. It's the last preparation, I booked the return tickets for the ferry to cross the sea from Germany to Sweden and back during the nights. I traded my old passport for a new one. I bought some equipment to tighten the bike at the ferry while I cross the sea. The only thing I have to do is to pack my bags and to wait for a couple of weeks... It will be the first time in my life I'll do a ride like this on my bike. By now I've only seen a bit of Belgium and also Germany on my bike. Never done a 2500km ride before... I only wish the weather will be good at that time, you never know that early in the season here in the north of Europe... I'm on my way Marek, let's meet Randy at your place and have a good time together! 


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Yes will put in a few weather wishes for it to be nice. Like I said earlier, I can handle riding in a bit of rain as long as it isn't a torrential downpour with major winds pushing it around. I draw the line at that as it is not safe. Almost as bad as riding in the snow.

Sounds fun Gert! Hope the weather is good for you also!! Can't wait to see some photos of your journey!! I have always wanted to go to Sweden!! I was stationed in Germany, so I have done many miles there myself.

Hope the weather is great for you!! Wish I could be there.

When and where have you been in Germany Tee?

Sure would be great Bill, to meet you in person!

I was station in Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, and Berlin. I rode about everywhere I could from Kriel to Konstanz, and Rheine to Berlin! Was stationed there for 3 yrs in the late 80's. Was in Berlin when the wall was torn down in Nov of 89 !

I'm sure that was a special moment to be in Berlin! Lot has changed for the people who lived at the eastern side side that moment...

It was an awesome experience, that I appreciate much more now, than I did at the time! I had a piece of the wall that I brought home with me, and sold it for 50$ back in early 90s. Wish I didn't do that now!

Hahaha.... I think you could get much more now!

Sounds like you are prepared. Sounds like a good time a waiting

Yes, I have my airline ticket bought, ordered a travel power converter so I can charge my cameras, Iphone, and Ipad without frying them. It's going to be a great summer, meeting some more CC friends in person. Yahoo!!

Buy me a ticket, and I'll go with ya Randy!! LOL

If I win the lotto.

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