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Today's Ride...

Today's Ride...

I went for a ride to Tumbler Ridge and had a piece of Apple pie A Lamode and a coke. I got back to my hometown and found out the clutch cable broke. It was tricky riding into town, without completely stopping at stop signs. LOL. Good thing there were only 3 from taking the backroad home. No parts until Wednesday though. On the bright side it didn't break in Tumbler, as it is 60 miles away.Frown


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That is good you made it home with out anything bad happening. At least the clutch cable is an easy fix.. Looking good there BILL

Yes it is Wayne. About a 10 minute job on my bike.

Back on the road now. Good you can repair it your self save $$ and time..

Gotta be lucky sometimes !

Good you made it home safely Bill.... In my head I can see you "flying" through all stop signs and traffic lights... LOL

Nice pic

LOL, Only 3 stop signs luckily Marek. LOL.

Great photo, Bill. Too bad about your clutch cable. Nothing you can’t fix without some binder twine and Krazy Glue! Smiley-wink

LOL. Getting a cable from the Honda dealer in Calgary.

Great timing!

You should buy a allroad bike Bill, when that’s the normal pavement! Nice shot!!!

LOL Gert. That's just a pull off to rest or take pics.

That's good riding Bill. I hope that your new clutch cable is just around the corner.

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