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Today's Ride

Beautiful fall day for a ride. Maybe the last one before the snow flies?


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Excellent photos Len, glad to see you out enjoying your Wing. I'm looking forward to racking up a few miles on my Goldwing this weekend myself. Let the good times ROLL !

Loved the 2nd shot. Fall is a bit different this year. The leaves aren't as brilliant, drying up and falling off much faster. Most likely the effects of the drought we had this summer, no rain at all and none in Sept. we usually get a few sprinkles off and on in Sept. We need snow desperately this winter.

Thanks, Will! Ride safely, my friend. I'll be very sad to put the 'Wing away for the winter. I can't seem to get enough of riding this bike. I don't know if it's the way it handles, the quiet power or just the sheer comfort (in lots of weather conditions), but I love being on this machine. I bought her in early July, and I've now put just over 10,000 km on the clock. Maybe I need to move south...... Smiley-wink

Beutiful pictures.. Very artistic!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your ride and yes, wings are excellent bikes! You need to winter in Arizona so you can keep riding!

Great pics! Leaves haven't begun to change here is Central Texas. Well into the 90's (˚F) yesterday. We did have a front push through last night and today is expected to only reach the mid 80's (˚F)…gonna have to wear my winter shorts!

Looks about the same here Len. Beautiful photos though.

Excellent photos, reflecting a great mood & a great ride. Thanks for sharing those!

Very nice pics...some roads do lead South.

Great pictures Len, thanks for sharing !!

The colors are changing very fast now as I can Len, even faster as here at the moment. Great to see you can still enjoy some good weather. Enjoy every possible minute you can!!

Very nice pics!

Well Len, If you're running out of weather up there, you can always come South. Supposed to be 25 here on Saturday. Just sayin'... We rode the Hays Maze on Thanksgiving last year.

Awesome photos, by the way.

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