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tomorrrow dang, missing my Bird, warm temps & the day off

tomorrrow dang, missing my Bird, warm temps & the day off

It was 50 degrees at 4 PM thus I rode the Rebel to my Krav Maga lesson.  1.5 hour later when I was done and ready to ride home, the Rebel has slight frost on it and didn't want to start very well.  Going to have to break down and get that 10 year old battery replace.  
- Guess instead I'll finish stripping the reddish stain off my wife's dresser, sand it, and ready to restain next week.  Have all else done.  Will also probably mow the lawn.  Still nice and green and has actually grown an inch or so since I last mowed 3 weeks ago.



25 F and falling it's cold here now. Looks like it going to stay for a while. NO riding for a while now.

with clear skies at night the temps are below freezing but warms up to 45+ during the day. We are lacking snow in the mountains and our local ski resort is closed due to lack of it.

We had our coldest night so far overnight. 14 degrees F. Nothing but sunshine all day with a high of 32 degrees F.

Just came home from work at 9:30 PM riding the Rebel the 3 miles, 33F, sure is nice to have my battery heated gloves. The Rebel is so lonely at work. No one to keep him company.

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