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Top of Hell's Canyon Dam

Top of Hell's Canyon Dam

Quick stop top of dam




What a cool shot. Don't fall looks like a LONG way down... LOL.

Bill I think it's about three hundred feet down


Lookin' good y'old hound dog!

Nice shot BenG, cool scenery, I'll bet its nice and hot there at the moment.

Too hot for me when I was there to go up there. I was melting and there isn't much of me to begin with.

Nice pic. Really like the background

Great shot Ben, it sure looks like a very hot day. Beautiful view...

quite a shot. No mountains like that around here.

And your water is salty too.

Yep. Cant drink it.

Capt those aren't' mountains just some hills around the Snake river. Our mountains don't start until you get above 6000 ft The farmers still farm everything until 6500 -7000ft. It is a great ride and only 3-4 hrs from home.

We wouldn't know what to do with a 6000 ft mountain. Big in the Appalachians is 1500 ft. I'm from sea level. Some years ago I got off the plane at Denver CO and got altitude sickness. They stuffed me full of water and O2 until I felt better. Good grief !!

If that is the case Capt, how are you going to come out west to visit when we are up in 7-10,000 ft range. You'll need to install 2 oxygen tanks on the side of your bike.

I hope I'm OK now . It took a couple of hours to acclimate.

Cool shot Ben. I don't see a hint of a breeze in the photo, my memory of that place is that it feels like being in a dry heat sauna. Smiley-laughing

Your memory be right on, it was hot, I would dump water in my helmet and dew rag, and it would feel cool riding for about 15 to 20 minutes, then it be dried inside the helmet again.

Nice photo Ben .
Hard work gettin up there I see ☺
Dry n hot . Hmm. Donow what I prefer having this rather chilly and wet conditions we've mostly had lately . Looking better next week though.

Nice pic, too hot for me though

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