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Top of the world MA

Top of the world MA

Peter took this pic.



Own Photo: 



OPPs.... I took this of guess who.. It's hard to breath up there.

Cool photo!

As Karen Carpenter sang: "I'm on top of the world, lookin down on creation ". Riding up Pike's Peak was one of THE highlights of the trip.

That was quite the ride up to the top and coming down was a little challenge too.. I still can't believe that those guys did it in under 8 min.

I was there in August in 1998. in the shadows there was still some snow. Running around up there gives you an idea of what COPD must be like. We did not drive. But took the cog railway.

The railway would have been great to ride but it was out of commission. They were trying to get parts to repair the engine

Rats!! That's a very cool ride to the top.

So, how did it feel being on top instead of the bottom Vardy? LOL.

Nice for a change, Bill !!

Not quite TOP of the world, just more than half way... The other half is a real, real, test of human endurance, that being Mt. Everest. And to think of the sherpas there that live at that elevation of 10,000+ feet all the time.

It's is close as you'll ever get

Looks like Peter is between a rock and a hard place... but the view is great !

Great shot.... now I want to ride there!

Dub, I think the rock he is sitting on is between a rock and a hard place. Sorry Peter, couldn't resist.

After all the riding we did , it is a hard place !

Not quite callouses but dang close.

It certainly looks high.

Yep, top of the world

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