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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Often called London Bridge but it’s not ... it’s Tower Bridge ... for obvious reasons. I didn’t sign up for the tour of the inner workings (the bridge can be raised to let ships through) as the queues were too long. Life is too short to spend hours in queues.



Post card photo Vardy, very nice.

Vardy.....didn’t they lock people up there?

That’s another Tower, Al .... the Tower of London ... got a pic of that too.

You’re a regular tourist and wealth of information Oete.

First time I visited London I just left the treinstation and wanted to cross the street, watched on my left side, saw no car of bike and wanted to start to walk and PÈPÈÈÈ!! a car used his horn... I forgot they drive at the wrong side of the street!!!

Gert ... still my biggest fear when I’m in Europe and North America. I force myself to look in the direction of oncoming traffic but my brain is screaming “... look in the other direction you moron ...”. Requires focus and discipline ... otherwise you can die ! :(

That's why the sticky note with an arrow pointing right stuck to the inside of the windshield. If I ended up in the UK. I'd have one pointing left if I even dared to drive my self.
In the US there is a situation were a diplomat had a head on accident in the UK and killed some one. There still trying to sort things out.

Yeah Capt ... that incident is all over the UK news, every day. Not so much because of the accident itself ... but more because she claimed diplomatic immunity and returned to the US

You sure your not in Lake Havasu Arizona.. They got a bridge kind of like that form England

Yep that one at Lake Havasu was originally a “London Bridge” over the Thames River. It was bought about 40 years ago, deconstructed block by block, transported to Lake Havasu and re-built

Peter, The last I saw of the accident in the paper is they are coming over here to interview the driver.
Interesting, Living near Washington DC there are diplomate accidents. Mostly fender benders a very few high profile. They all seem to pull the immunity card 100% of the time.
I hope this person does the right thing and drop the diplomatic immunity and do what's right.

Funny thing about that bridge over lake Havasu.......... story goes that the buyer thought he was getting Tower Bridge, and was kinda disappointed........ at least, that's the story.

Hmm...Buyer beware.

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