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try to fix boot or buy new

try to fix boot or buy new

Opinions needed.  The zipper on my left motorcycle boot needs to be repaired, doesn't zip up very well any more due to the one spot letting loose.  Both heels are a bit worn and the soles show a bit of wear.  We have a guy in Ashland that does shoe and boot repair.  Or buy a new pair from OR do both.  Wear the new boots on the bike and the old pair for doing muddy yard work.  Such decisions.   Also bought a new pair of perforated leather gloves so I can use my old pair for punching bag practice (the one at the gym will eat up knuckles, pretty rough covering).


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I'd get a new pair

Gorrila fixes everthing.
Me? She would be a great excuse to buy a new pair but I would not buy zippeted closures

2 questions. One do you like the feel of the old boots and 2 do you feel like breaking in a new pair. Personally I got my old ones repaired cause the uppers were good and I hate braking in new shoes

Actually I wear work boots....they last for ever and great protection too

I have a pair of Ranch square toed work boots. They are comfortable and have had them since I bought my bike in 2013.

I think we need to take a moment of silence for the boots. Then drop them into the trash can. Go find a new pair. I think you got your money out of them.

I love the zip boots, much easier to get into. Wore cowboy boots for the first 12 years of my life. Wish they would have had zippers.
Yes I like the feel of them, didn't require to much to break in. I don't believe in breaking in shoes or boots, if they aren't comfortable at first then a probability they won't get that way.
Probably depends on what the estimate is to get them fixed. Yes the boots uppers and sewed on soles are still good for another 3+ years or more.

If they are broken in and comfortable and the leather isn’t cracked , I’d get them repaired

A few scuff marks on them. I was wearing these boots when Mother Nature blew me off the road in the dust storm thus a few scuff marks on them. Nicely broken in and comfortable. I'm thinking if less than $50 to repair, I'll repair them and also get the other pair.

Only the zipper? I would go for repair, that’s for sure! Most of the time the older shoes and specially boots are mutch more comfortable when they are a little older and used... only a zipper doesn’t cost mutch when you know a good shoe repair shop! For the garden I would buy some real good and comfortable pair of wooden shoes!!! LOL

Gert do they make wooden shoes with tie down straps? Back in South Dakota in areas is dirt that when wet we call gumble. It is very sticky. It was down in the river hills. If you got caught in the rain down there you stayed there until the dirt dried out as the truck could not climb the hill. This gumble would be pulling the wooden shoes off.

I decided to buy new boots as they have a lug sole which will give me a bit more footing than the smooth soles of the old boot. If I can get my zipper fixed for less than $50, I will get them fixed and use more for riding in town on the Rebel.

Don't buy boots with plastic zippers. The leather shop will charge twice what the boots are worth to repair that.

We'll see, that is why don't want to go much above $40. My new boots were $110.

Get new boots. You deserve it.

Not yellow though. Smiley-laughing

LOL. I did get new boots with Vibram soles.

It's a good thing I ordered new boots. It make take a while to catch up with the 2 shoe repair places in the area. The guy down in Ashland is gone on vacation through April 16th. The other guy in town had a doctor's appointment today when I stopped over. There is also major construction going on in the area that makes it a pain in the arse to get to.

Time for a new pair of boots Randy. I buy mine here at

TC They got some cool stuff.

Thanks for the link TC ... they’ve got some great stuff ... and not bad prices!

Once you make a purchase from Galls, you will start receiving their catalog which has more discounted prices. A fellow pilot/fire chief turned me on to Galls after I was impressed by the shoes that he was wearing and asked him where he got them.

Got my new boot but need to send them back for the next size smaller. Tuesday will be a retry for the shoe repair estimate.

Randy, I alternate between two different pair of riding boots that I ordered from Galls. Both pair are size 13 and they fit perfectly when I wear thick socks. A comfortable fit is important when it comes to shoes.

So right Topgun, if they aren't comfortable right away they will never be. I think my feet are shrinking. Used to wear some shoes, boots as size 11, most 10.5, now seems to be more like 10.

Ha, there's more than just feet that shrinks the older I get.....

.... I wish my stomach would shrink!!

LOL. I hear you Todd.

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