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Tucked away for the night

Tucked away for the night

Short road trip to central New South Wales ... our bikes are tucked away for the night in old horse stables ... our steeds have 332 horses between them !!




Where abouts are you?

The photo was taken in Gilgandra where we have based ourselves. We are currently in Coonamble having a coffee ... on our way to Lightning Ridge.

Nice, always wanted to go to Lightning Ridge.
Please let me know if the roads are cruiser friendly.

At least it is better riding weather up there.
I must need glasses or are the horses really small.....cant see any horses between those bikes!!!
I just crack myself up.
Two good looking German bikes.

Dub....I think one is D U C A T I.....but I could be wrong....

Great stuff Pete. Enjoy.

Very true Al..but who owns Ducati? VW owns Audi which owns Lamborghini which owns Ducati....sounds Deutsche to me

But that was yesterday. Daewoo probably owns it today...and

How true!

Steve ... we went Dubbo/Gilgandra/ Coonamble/Walgett/Lightning Ridge. The road is sealed all the way and is in pretty good shape. BUT ... the section from Coonamble to Walgett is pretty bumpy and a cruiser would wallow a bit if the suspension is not up to scratch. I reckon a trailer would bounce around a lot. That said, if you take it easy on that stretch it will be ok. I’d take Bob. Lots of Grey Nomads and trucks (doubles and triples) up that way.

Fiat owns Chrysler and Jeep now. including putting the Jeep name and Ram on Fiat SUV and vans here in the States.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group owns Volvo and Lotus.

Sometimes the one horse power can go many a place the multi horse power units can't.

Edwin, That's a name? I thought you sneezed.

...and don't forget Indian auto companies Tata and Mahindra own the rest.

BMW is one if the last few independent auto makers. Majority owned by one German family ... the Quandt family.

And just for fun BMW bought Rolls Royce and the Mini, nice little family business and know how to produce nice gear.

Now.....back on track....or bumpy road in this case......I was going to say lower the speed when towing in these conditions.....but it depends how fast the doubles and triples are going. You don’t want to become a hood ornament.

Al ... the speed limit out that way is 110 ... and the only ones not doing it are grey nomads towing a rig in underpowered SUVs

I wasn't towing with an SUV......I was sight seeing on the Oldwing.......and can you use more than one finger when you wave to me next time? Lol. Safe travels.

Ur very funny Al !

So no tents this time just horse stables. That's doing it on the cheap Peter.A little smelly but comfortable. If its good enough for horses.LOL.

That’s it, hay Raymond.

I don’t do tents Ray ... or stables. It was a nice, soft, warm bed in a centrally heated room.

I save my ‘hardness’ for thousand km days in the saddle Smiley-laughing

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