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Twinkles new windscreen 1

Twinkles new windscreen 1

Thank you Cruiser Customizing for my Memphis Shades Slims windscreen and brackets!! They have touched down in Aus!

This is a first photo of Twinkle's windscreen debut, thank you my love Adam.

Although I am at work, my Spacemonkey has picked up my new windscreen, and installed it (and I hear a rumour he even took it around the block... ahhemmm!!!!)

So I haven't seen it in person yet, but he has teased me with some photos of the delivery, unwrapping, and installing... So far looks good in the pics, can't wait to get home and check it out in person, and most importantly, take it for a ride and see the difference in how it feels!


Looks good there Dim

Looks good from here !!

Sets it off nicely.

doesnt she look a lady?

Looks Great! and the color is perfect for her!!!!

look nice dim  your bike is great

thats one heck of a bike you have there , absolutely lovely its a credit to you both.

beautiful bike

Coolalmost as cute as  the riderInnocent Sure looks GOODCool

Looks great Dim, sets the bike off just right. Space monkey wouldn't have done a thing like that - I'm sure!!!!!!! Look out for Scruffy he's after something!!!!lol

Good look Dim

Looking good Dim!

Looks really good Dim


Wow she looks awesome. I really like how the lower part of the screen is coloured.

Looks very nice Dim - hope you enjoy it. It's nice to have a windscreen when it's cold and wet, but you'll be aching to take it off when the sun is shining and it's warm again.

that's really cool looking ride

excellent match

you still miss blue and white solo bag that you can mount to your caliper lol

Looks real nice, Dim!  I love the blue shading on it, adds a little flair.  You'll never want to ride without it now!

very nice!!  What's next??  lol....oh...nad it looks like spacemonkey is still keeping them walls

Looks beautiful!!!!!!!! keeps the bugs out of the teeth too Smiley-laughing

Twinkle looks beautiful Dim!!  Nice job Spacemonkey!!!  Smiley-laughing  I know you will enjoy the ride Dim!

Looking Good!!!!

Looking very flash

Looks Perfect Dim! What was the ride verdict?

looks nice and sweet great job dim...

Steve I've only had time for a short night ride so far, but there is some buffeting. We are going to do some adjusting (and riding) this weekend.

Strangely enough it's a bit tall for me LOL. So we did a trip to Bunnings tonight and have the tools to cut it down (Adam not me).

Also have some tips to try to determine if I need lowers.

Will let you know how it turns out after all that! But I can say it looks cool, very classic which I love :)

Looks great..


I love it , it suits the bike and does give it a classic look.



Very shmick bike! I will keep an eye for you and your other half on the streets of western Melb! My 650 has been proudly adopted by my son, and as you know its a tough and reliable bit of kit. If you see two black XVS's (a 650 and 1300) wave hello to us.  Ride safe!

looks great Dim!

But Dim, you only had it on for 5 minutes.... some one has been dredging up old pics. lol

Al it wasn't me! Old pic, new comments..... pic posted 9 months ago!

Screen gone to new home, sold on Ebay.

I know that Dim....nearly bought it for Coz's bike. lol

Wow! Gorgeous bike and love the windshield! It matches perfectly!

A real eyecatcher! After you've ridden with it for a while you may find yourself thinking "how could I have
ridden without this?" Greatly improves the safety and enjoyment of the ride!

I like this. This is a new tack on hijacking's get one from a long time ago and comment. The subject is no longer Dim had the screen for a short time and took it off.....Oh...this isn't new...I've don't it myself from time to time... just to throw in a bit of confusion. lol

LOL.... ummmm yeah.... Al is right guys, unfortunately while I agree the screen really looks awesome (I loved the look so much), it just did not function - FOR ME. No matter how we adjusted it, cut the screen to size, added lowers, even tried inverting the brackets. The constant wind buffetting against my head was a force to be reckoned with and I don't ride to get motion sick, so it had to go unfortunately :(

We think it's all to do with my height, 4" pullback risers that have me sitting so far back there's a huge gap between me and the screen - then the lowers would not sit in the right place because of my large crash bars (they would hit and I couldn't turn my bars on full lock with them on.

Anyway, in the future I still plan to give it another shot - by trying a somewhat less of a 'looker' screen, but something for function in a quick-release, for those cold winter rides.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, Dim. Hopefully you can find something that will. Luck!

Dim....put a race fairing on it.....custom painted to match of course! lol

Thanks ChrisKaye, there's something out there that'll work.

Al I think she's blingy enough lol I'm sure you weren't being sarcastic!!

No. I think it would be a different look. Cruiser with a race fairing.... Wait, I think Honda tried that sort of thing already. The DN-01

Love the color, great looking ride

Great color combo and a windshield that matches! Pick up some "Plexus Plastic Cleaner Protectant & Polish" (13 oz.)
and a microfiber towel and you'll have a windshield so clean and new looking it almost disappears. NEVER EVER
clean it with paper towels and chemical cleaners these can damage the plastic and cause it to become brittle.
I use Plexus Plastic Cleaner Protectant & Polish (13 oz. spray) as this was developed in the aviation industry to clean
windshields on aircraft and is totally safe to use on Acrylic and Lexan Plexiglas.

I like this. This is a new tack on hijacking's get one from a long time ago and comment. The subject is no longer Dim had the screen for a short time and took it off.....



Take me to Teheran!!!!!!

I like this. This is a new tack on hijacking's get one from a long time ago and comment. The subject is no longer Dim had the screen for a short time and took it off.....

Does it echo here Al?????


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