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Updated 'Friends Vest' (Front)

Updated 'Friends Vest' (Front)

Finally taking the time to post an updated photo of my vest. I wear it proudly and it has become a great conversation piece over and over again.


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That's a great vest TG! I have the same when I wear my vest and go for a drink or even when I go for some petrol. Most of the time the vest is a reason for people to ask some questions and start a conversation....

Looking good Will.

Looks good TG

nice patches

It has a very international flair about it TG.

Nice vest , it's getting filled up.

Very Nice TG ! Smiley-laughing
Way to go !
I am nearly fished sewing the few patches I`ve got onto the west and I know there will be talk ! Lol
Ride Safe mate !

Looking very nice TG and room for more.

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