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Updated Wild Hogs 9 Map

Updated Wild Hogs 9 Map

Especially for Nobby. Wink




Might need a new ride leader Nobby.

Lots of Golden Arches. Not going via Tumbarumba ?

Batlow and Tumbarumba, that's what I was expecting as well, but all good. Looking forward to the adventure.

You can head east from Albury to Talangatta , Tumbarumba, Batlow , Adelong and back to the Hume at Gundagai ... give Tumut a miss.

This map is for Nobby. Smiley-laughing
The link in events is current.


"Wild Hogs 9 - The Big Mac Run!"

Here in the states u could pick any number of routes and pretty much be having a McDonalds to eat at during the day and even possibly 3 times per da

Looks like a good run. I blown away by all the Mc Donald's arches.

I added all those arches because Nobby always complains that we never stop for Macdonalds. Smiley-laughing

Cap ... I don’t like doing inter-country comparisons because someone always gets offended ... but ... the quality of food you get in an Aussie McDonalds is far better than in a US McDonalds

Are u saying they serve better meat that may be mixed with too? LOL

Randy ... nothing mixed in the patties ... just 100% Aussie Angus beef. They have occasional limited runs with Wagyu beef.

Vardy, I didn't realise you were such a connoisseur of of Maccas.....I prefer the Aussie burger with beetroot personally!!.
Randy, here is the Maccas spiel on ingredients in Aussie stores.....

Dub ... I have a basis for on-the-ground comparison. I like beetroot in my burgers as well ... but not from chain fast food places ... has to be my own or from a fair dinkum old style Aussie Takeaway! The first thing I ever sold in one of my father’s shops was when I was 10 yo ... and yes it was a hamburger !!

That's something the food is a better quality. Chain places try to keep it all the same no matter were you go.
I try not to eat Mc Donald's and ride. Because I'll have to make an emergency stop shortly after. If you get my drift.

Thanks Tezza.

I know what you mean Capt.

Yes, one can not go wrong with true 100% angus beef that is free range grown with no antibiotics in it. Personally don't eat very often at McDonalds. If a fast burger joint, it is usually Wendy's. Prefer to buy my own meat and grill at home for a great burger, but hard to do that when on a bike trip. Maybe I'll need to build a grilling burger trailer to pull behind the Bird.

Try the pipes and let us know how it worked.

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