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Randy was having trouble uploading a photo. It took 2 goes to upload this pic.
Keep persevering guys because we don't want the CC site to close.
I've noticed less activity here too.
I prefer this than facebook. I will post a video on CC Guys but only the link to the video on this site.
I just hope that this site keeps going and it will as long as we keep involved.

The pic I add yesterday was just one try and go... no problem at all. I agree Terry, I prefer this site more, but there isn’t that much activity anymore. Even those who did lots of vids (or even who did sometimes a vid, a pic or a comment).... I watch every freeking day, at least one time, but sometimes there isn’t even a new comment...

However... I’ll go on till the end and I wish that will not be soon. I also don’t do that much video’s lately so maybe it’s also my fault but even when posting a vid there isn’t that much interest, comments or even views... and it takes a few hours to produce a nice vid... sometimes I ask myself, why all those freeking hours when nobody is watching? I promis you, I’ll give it try again as soon as the new season starts...

Let’s keep in touch!

just load my picture I was trying to do yesterday. worked fine. computer gremlins

Computers what would we do without them, lol

and do even get me started about self driving cars using a computer. who the F8&k do I get to sue when it screws up and has an accident.

I've noticed less and less activity also. I'm here till the end.

"Right On" Voodoo Bill. Smiley-laughing

so am I and will even keep on trying when it has ended as it may just be an hiccup in the system like my trying to load a pic the other day

Asking those of you who also use the FB page ... is there more activity there than here ??

I don't Know Peter. I hardly go there unless I post a link to a video or photo on here.

Thanks Terry. There are two sites aren’t there ??

Gert, I've just purchased some different camera mounts so I'll be experimenting and making some videos to add here.
Stay tuned for the next few weeks.

Two fantastic looking rides Teza.
I don't see match activity on the two Facebook CC .
I do find it concerning that many forums are falling victim to Facebook and I mentioned to the Indian Motorcycle forum today that "not all Indian Riders use or frequent Facebook"so need to post their ride on their forum.

I’ll watch those video’s Terry and when the season starts... I’ll do some vids with my new bike... Dennis and Nola will visit us and stay for a few days in our little house somewhere in June. Well... we can give them good beds, a shower, food and drinks and some ideas to show them some parts of Holland. We can’t give them the space they used to have at home, that’s for sure! I’ll see Marek again, we are talking about two times this year. One time in Holland and one time in Sweden. We didn’t make any dates yet, but we will. That’s for sure!!! So... I do have some subjects next season...

Gert, keep me posted possible dates on your visits with Marek as I would like to come back over again providing times is right and money is ok. Will know more about money shortly as I start working on the taxes.
- As for seeing more activity of other members on Facebook, there are a few there that don't post here anymore. I did find Charlie (range rider 45) there. His FB activity was limited and not about motorcycles but about government activity in the wilderness areas.
- I beginning to suspect that the decrease in activity is like the decrease overall in the motorcycle industry. Baby boomers getting older and quit riding and the younger crowd coming in just don't have the money to get into an expensive hobby.

Well, I will be sticking around till Either I expire or the site does .... Working on a couple more vids at the moment ...
I don't use the other types of media - they just do not interest me one little bit ... but that is me - a real old school dinosaur to the bone ... AND that is the way I like it too ... Smiley-laughing

Yes Peter, Friends from Cruiser Customizing and CC Guys.

Tezza if you ever need a hand riding either of your bikes, I've got my hand up... they are both bloody gorgeous.

Beautiful bikes no doubt, I’m with you all till the wheels Fall off of the site

Thanks Dim. If you come up this way, you can take your pick for a ride.

It's great to see support for this site.

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