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V-Star 1300 with apple blossoms

V-Star 1300 with apple blossoms

2013 V-Star Deluxe


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Beautiful photo.

It's looking like spring!

Spring blossoms - uplifting

there is hope of spring as I walk through snow

Beautiful !! Smiley-laughing

Good to see someone has spring. Ride on!!

Still a month and a half up here but THEN ..... Woyyy ! Smiley-laughing

I hey Arild ! Where you been man? Good to have you back.

Heheyy !
Thanks ! Smiley-laughing
Having too much fun in the snow ya know ! Smiley-laughing
Snowscooting and skiing when ever possible! Spending time with my wife and daughter while the bike has its well earned winternap ! Smiley-wink
Not much on the internet !
Hope Your ok Peter .

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