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Val’s Challenge

Val’s Challenge

this is me, at work. I work in business development for a small Canadian drilling fluids company. (Means I’m kinda the jack of all trades..technical support, programming, sales, logistics, strategic planning, ....... I even built the website.... have a look at it;



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Nice job on the site. You even have the same temps as us at the moment.

No one could tell you are a hard arsed biker to keep well away from !! LOL

Nice smile. Love your web site Good Job computers hate me, I could never attempt to make a web site.

Nice job on the web site. I think this qualifies you to heal the wounds of this site.
For a drilling business you got the clean job.

Nice job on the web site. Looking good there Len.

Very impressive website Len. You're a real professional. Your work environment reminds me of the oil drilling businesses that I have seen in Midland/Odessa, Texas.

Looks like you have AC for summer and heat for winter

And a smile at work.... thinking about riding a bike isn’t it Len?

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! Yes, Gert, DEFINITELY thinking about riding, and next week is supposed to be in the mid-20’s C, so I might ride to work!
Topgun, our business isn’t very much different from Texas. Most of us, in fact, started our careers working for companies based in Texas and Oklahoma.

You almost sold me, but too late in the game to start a new career.

You have a great job and website Dirky.

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