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Valerie's Challenge

Valerie's Challenge

This is right before I go home from work. I'm always ready to go home



Haha.... who isn’t Allen?

Allen ... Is that your “... don’t mess with me ...” look!! LOL. What do you do?

No Peter. He always looks like that when he doesn't have a beer in his hand
Allen!!! Your getting grey!!!!

You get dirty?

Now we know why he doesn't wear a helmet when on the bike, it feels too much like work.

Gert, your right
Vardy, listen to Valerie. I operate an over head crane and drive a forklift
Valerie, you don't have to rub that in
Steve, it's starting to get hot here. So sweat and dust makes you that way
Randy, that's one way to look at it

I will bring you some Mrs Clarol. It works good for me Smiley-laughing

Overhead crane driver ! Skilful and sometimes dangerous work. Good on you!

Looking forward to it Valerie, lol.
Vardy, it can be a pain in the ass, at times

He's not going grey, he's turning chrome.

I like that better Edwin

Well, you don't have to look so enthusiastic about it. LOL.

Just think June is coming fast.. You'll get time off from that old dusty work. We can have a good tall cold beer together..

I know that feeling around finish time.

Yeah Im awlays ready to go home too Allen, just gotta work how to avoid getting there in the first place.

Demanding job Allen. Good mate of mine is still rigging cranes and he just turned 70.

Oh, come on Allen... Your face saying: I'm on my way TO work, not "I'm going HOME..."..

Hé Allen...
I noticed on the calendar behind you, it’s a very busy schedule! WTF... you had something to do on April 5th!!!! You need some rest my friend, time to go home!! LOL

Gert, at times busy. But that's mainly for vacation

Allen, you win for seeming to have the toughest (dirtiest??) job here! Looks like you could use an ice-cold beer.

You are so right about the beer, Len

Proost Allen!

Allen, You got a stick a fork in me look. Time for a cold one.

It was Capt

that is the look that I hide when I have to monitor antibiotic use for a person who is meth addicted coming back the 2nd and 3rd time to treat their endocarditis that would kill them if left untreated. This is a 6 week course of drug. Most of the time the hospital has to write it off due to no insurance.
Instead of drinking a cold one, I imagine the cartel boss in my Krav Maga lessons and his neck being snapped.

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