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Valkyrie and The Twins

Valkyrie and The Twins

Took a ride on Tuesday to pick up some product samples from a potential new vendor, and was able to take some back roads home. I found tthis pair of old grain bins along the way. 


Own Photo: 




Serendipity is where you find it.

Nice pic Len....but a bit let down by the "twins"

Ha ha ha, Al. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not sure the kind of "twins" you're referring to would make this page............ although................ is ANYBODY actually monitoring the site for content these days? Yes one must be careful of the context when talking about twins

Nice shot.

Len, of course. The admins are still here. Gert and myself plus I do duty on “Friends from Cruiser Customizing” and “CC Guys” on facebook.

so are you going to ban my Bob & Tom Mr Obvious - The Twins link above?

The landscape looks flat like Holland Len!

Gert, a lot of it is flat, especially to the east, but it’s about 3,000 - 4,000 ft above sea level....

I was thinking a couple of V-Twins were in the shot with the Valkyrie...

Great pic, though!

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