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Valkyrie in the Foothills

Valkyrie in the Foothills



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Nice to see there is open land.

Beautiful. I do love your bike

Thanks Val!
Captain, not so much open land as you might think. To the west of where this was taken, there are a lot of farms and ranches. More open territory (although most of it is national and provincial parks) when you get into the mountains.

Nice long distance shot. I think I'll add it to my slide show screen saver.

Len I'm glad to see your making the most of the riding season. I see now why you had that huge grin on your face when you were here riding all those twisties.

Thanks Dave! I loved those roads in the mountains near your place. And that little Dyna Switchback was actually a fun ride. Lighter than the Valkyrie, and even handled nicely.
I will be flying back to Brisbane - leaving here June 2, arriving BNE on June 4 (local) in the morning. I'm not 100% sure of my schedule yet, as I'll be doing at least one mud school in Brisbane (more likely, two), then I'll be travelling out to Condamine to look at some warehouse and trucking facilities. I might make a stop in Toowoomba to talk to a potential supplier too. Then I'll have meetings in Brisbane with oil and gas companies to see if we can expand our field trials to include more customers. In between all of that, Deye will be flying down to stay with me from June 14 - 28th. Would sure like to be able to get together with you guys - not sure if I'll be able to rent a bike, but I should be able to get a car so we can do some exploring on weekends.

As for me it looks vast. Living here in the greater Baltimore - Washington area. We don't have the open land like we used to. There driving the farms out and building houseing delvements and shoping centers as fast as they can.

Len sounds great, contact me when your here. So your going to be here the whole month of June. That's awesome best time of year on the Gold Coast.

Look forward to meeting Deye and seeing you again. Your more than welcome to stay here if needed.

Wow just realised like its only 2 weeks away. Where is this year going.

Great photo!
Winter on the Gold Coast, I imagine it will be a lot warmer than down here.

What a beautiful pic and view Len. Do you need to go for a long ride to find this kind of roads or is it “just around the corner” where you live?

What road is that Len? It looks familiar.

Top of 23° c today

Awesome bike ... Nice pic! AB is my fave province...a lot of easily accessible open roads...and diverse terrain ... no picturesque roads like that in Ontario unless you go waaaaaay north !

Gert, this photo is taken about 15 minutes from my house. I live on the edge of the city, so I have almost instant access to some very scenic roads.

Bill this is on a secondary road just south of Calgary. It’s on the way to The Leighton Art Centre. If you google it, you can probably see this road on the map

Thanks Gord! We are very lucky to have the variety of scenic beauty here... and some nice roads to ride on too.

I’ve never been to your part of the world Captain, but I know a few people who’ve travelled through your area and, now that you mention it, they’ve all told me that most of the east coast is basically urban and suburban development. Come west!! Lots of wide open spaces in places like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, the Dakotas and, of course, western Canada!

Great pic !

Awesome pic.

Dirky, If I could pry Bets out of here. I would!

Great shot Len, this one is going to my favorites.

I've had three of those nice bikez

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