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Valkyrie Truck Stacks

Valkyrie Truck Stacks


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Great shot

Love the pipes. Great shot.

Great shot

Gotta love the truck stacks!

Fire in the hole. Looks like canons.

Hey Len did you replace the six shooters..

Great shot !!

Thanks guys! No, Dave, I’ve never had the chance to try the six-into-six. She came equipped as in this photo.

Shame those six shooters look awesome. Still looks great though. An interstate came up for sale here about 6 months ago only had 20k on the clock and was like new he wanted 17k for it.

Spratty ... $17K !! Tell im he’s dreamin !!!

Wonderful pic Len!

Vardy he original wanted 21k for it then dropped it to 17k which then sold quiet quickly. I thought 17k for it wasn't too unreasonable considering its condition.

I’ve seen them around here for as low as $12K ... but good luck to him ... must have been in good condition

I'm taking a deep breath of that cool fresh air Len. Great shot.

Spratty, Indian in Sydney have an Interstate at the moment, $17k.

Love the stacks Len.

Al is it in good condition.

3 Interstates on bikes sales and the one I saw 6 months ago so obviously it didn't sell.

All around the 17k mark one with only 9k on the clock which is the one at Indian and looks in amazing condition

Man regardless of condition,I wouldn’t pay $17k for one. Would rather pick up a later model Voyager.

Sensible man, Albert. You haven’t lost it bro, even if you are a year older .... !!

Just ahead of you Pete. Lol.

Peter, I love the Valkyrie but when it came out it was about $30k, couldn’t justify $17k even if it had 1 kilometre on the clock.

You can pick up really nice ones here for under $10K

Maybe not quite that cheap here Len, but not $17k. Much as I love Valks, I’d rather spend $17k on some thing more recent.

CAN$10K , in relative terms , is what they should be here

Their prices in the end will be determined by the market and as to how much they are in need to sell

I think those stacks are bigger than the one in my truck lol. They look good

I think the Canadian dollar, and the Australian dollar are almost at par. The Canuck buck has been a LITTLE bit higher over the past year, but they are very close in value.

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