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Val`s Challange

Val`s Challange

Real me... When not riding ( meaning: most of the time last year) 
Trying NOT to fall asleep when driving a bus...
ALMOST succeeded....



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Looks like all your passengers bailed on you
Great to see you my friend

About time to popped up Marek ... good to see you .

Good to see you my friend!! Hope you didn't fall asleep while driving. LOL.

DUDE! You've been as elusive as me!
Looking' Good!

There you are ! Good to see you. Commuter or tourist?

Nice to see you are still working hard. Have a great week

Watch out for the padlle bikes!

Keep trying Marek, you'll get it, lol. Good to see you

Hi Marek Smiley-laughing
There you are ... lookin` good though a little tired and bored.
I wish for you a Great summer with a Lot of possibilities to go Riding again!
Take Care my friend !

So great to see you popped in to see what is going on, and along with Noof, maybe we will get a revival going here.

No wonder we haven't seen you for a long while. You've been working 7 days a week. Smiley-wink

Yes Arild - both bored and tired... CAPT.XERO - commuter bus...

And Noof... Why is your reason to be elusive, huh????

Careful Marek, self driving buses are on the horizon. You may be getting some real time napping on the job before you know it. Smiley-laughing

His job is safe. Self driving still needs a forward watch. It's never perfect. Ever.

Good to see you back here for a visit mate!

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