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Val's challenge

Val's challenge

Here I am. When I'm not out riding, or playing music in the local watering holes, I am a repo man. Actually, my position now is in management; I oversee 17 drivers. I also train Field Investigators (bounty hunters, basically) for our Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama branches. My time is nicely split between desk work & outside travel. It's a lot different from being the Mayor of my city (that I was in Oklahoma), but I enjoy my work... I get to meet a lot of interesting people (& take their cars)! 


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Good shot of you . Repro work, wow. I imagine you have some stories to tell in you line of work.

A repo man!!! Well I hope your as nice a repo guy as I had dealt with back in the day.He was very nice to deal with even though he had his job to do he was pleasant about it

Wow! That sounds like a job you only see on TV!

That's a job and a half in itself.

Tough job but someone’s got to do it !

Sounds like you have enough to keep you busy

Yeah, it has its "interesting" moments! My agency promotes courtesy & professionalism; however, things get ugly sometimes. ...but I've only had my life threatened a handful of times...!

To quote a famous person

Walk softly and carry a big.stick

That’s a nice pic and also nice to learn a bit more about you!

Thanks Val for starting this and Thanks all who participate Val’s challange!

I'm happy to see so many join in Smiley-laughing

Funny story. Had a repro man misread the address and tried to take my Tacoma. Things GOT ugly. Complete with cops. In the Morning the repro ownershowed up to apologize for the mistake. That was one hell of a night.

Sounds like a challenging job Alex.

Seriously exciting occupation Alex. Sounds dramatic enough to shoot a series of episodes for Netflix.

What an intriguing job!

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