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Val`s challenge

Val`s challenge

If I am not riding my bike hiking in the forest or in the mountains with my wife and Sisu will be a common activity. Retired, ya know ! :-D 




I still have a few years to go before I can say I'm retired. What did you do before you retired?

Wish I had your job

Like Allen said.

Randy, I have had many jobs in different professions through my more than 40 years of work. Iron industry, car factory (Saab) , motormann at sea, warehouse worker, carpenter, teacher, etc. The last 24 years I was a teacher, or more a supervisor and instructor at a privat school for youths dropping out of school with problems adapting to the society. The nature and outdoor activities such as rockclimbing, freediving, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, kayaking, canooing, etc have been my tools to earn their trust. Very interesting job and very demanding both physical and mental. Most of the kids went into studies or training in chosen professions and are now doing well with their own family with wifes and kids. It is Nice to see them and have a chat wich they often are eager to. Smiley-laughing Now retired I won`t be rich but I am doing just fine and I am Free ! Biggrin

An interesting career Arild. You would have a lot of satisfaction knowing that your help for young people has guided them in their future.

Agree with Allen - I would love to have you current "job"!!!!!!

Terry, a privilege it was !
Rest of ya .... ya`ll get there hopefully ! Lol

Lucky you!

Yes Arild, sometimes "richness" is not about money.

Wonderful your last job, Yes.... retirement also but I mean the 24 year job with the youngsters...
Great pic, both ready for action!

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