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Val's Challenge

Val's Challenge

Been in the Optometry field since I left school at age16. Only thing I don't do is test eye's. So essentially a technician.


Own Photo: 


SO your the guy that makes the glasses for the dollar store's . Nice clean work area.

Great shot, Dave!

You are better than me at selfies!
Not sure if you have noticed...... the robot from Lost In Space is in the background!

Great shot Spratty ...channeling Siegmund Freud I think .... LOL !! a little more high end than that please.

Thanks Len

Steve, I'm getting better. The robot thingy is an extraction fan to rid the shop of nasty smells from the lens grinding. Before anyone says a thing Yes Tezza could use one as well.

Thanks Vardy, I'm getting hairy by the month. I feel an extended bike ride should be on the cards, one day.


Yes. In November and bring a fan with you. Smiley-wink

Great pic. Now I know the optical bunny does not bring our glasses in a little basket Smiley-laughing

Great shot Dave.

Looks like all the gear to check the lens prescription.

Ok...I've got these damed glasses that no matter what brand of cleaner I use I can't get them perfectly clean as well as every type of cloth on the planet . Nothing works. Smudge factory these are.
Ok you build these right? Whats the secret all of us are desperately looking for here?
Short of using aviation fuel I really don't know what to use here?????

I had some of those.... Cost me $550.... Couldnt keep the smudge of them to save my life. My new pair are basic scratch resistant and change color. only cost $150 and no smudges

Mine cost a $ 1.00 when they get smugged and scratched I just get a new pair off the wall. Val The dollar store works great for me.. Try some Meguires plastic cleaner and polish.

ya mine cost $750 can...........Meguires hey?

It works on my 1.00 classes. The stuff won't scratch Plexiglas or lexand. Just a thought.

Multicoated lenses are without doubt the easier surface to clean. Must use lens cleaner and microfibre cloth.

Over time sooner for some than others perspiration and oils from your face gets on the lenses and works its way to the edge getting trapped between the lens and inside the frame rim.

So every time you go to wipe the lenses a small amount of oil gets redeposited back onto the lens from around the edge of the rim and the cycle just continues.

Best way is to use an unltrasonic cleaner and or remove the lenses and wipe clean the lens and frame, until it builds up again, like anything that gets used as much as a pair of specs this happens.

Try rimless next time which is what I wear so no frame rim to trap grease and dirt and so comfortable and fit in my helmet with no pressure points.

Thanks for the advice Spratty ... cheque is in the mail !

I've have good luck with dish soap. Then run them under water to rinse them off. These days I only use cheap reading glasses. Had LASIC done some years ago.

Wish my work clothes would be that clean

Hey Spratty, can you make me a pair of XRay glasses. Smiley-wink

No but I can do a pair of Wiley-X though. or

those are nice

just bought a new pair of glasses specifically for riding. My normal work pair are flexible thin wire. Hard to put them on with the helmet on. New pair are sturdier.
Also have special prescription racquetball goggles. Had an errant hit the other day that caught me on my right cheek just below the goggles. Glad I had them on to protect my eyes. Eyesight is one sense I don't want to lose. Hearing is going, but it is easier to function than being blind.

Randy I've seen some very nasty racquetball injuries, so very wise to wear protection.

Interesting about your thin wire specs, I wear rimless which are extremely thin and I find they work the best and most comfortable under my full face helmet. Where as when I wear my open face I wear my Wiley's or Maui Jim without any issues.

I’ve been wearing Wiley X goggles for years ... for both my open face and full face helmets. With multi-focal, transition lenses they they work out to be quite expensive but they are so good, I wouldn’t wear any other specs when riding.

Yep transistions are the way to go. I'm not a fan of polarised on the bike but love them in the car. then again I have about 27 prs of specs

Man you better not dare ever say anything to your wife about her shoe collection.....

Val thats so funny as Rosanne is an optician as well..she's probably got 50 pr of specs...more than shoes.. LOL

LOL. Now I feel silly...

Too bad I'm not in the motorcycle industry and could have 27 bikes, specs, 3 is plenty for me.

These wiley x come in prescription?
I've got bad stigmatisam though so hard to find cool sunglasses because of that

Yes they do. Do you know your perscription. I have a lab that I deal with and they seem to be able to do all the jobs the other labs can't.

Todd ... mine are prescription and multifocal. I can read the bike’s instruments up close and also focus on the middle and long distance. The technology to make curved prescription lenses has improved a lot since I got my first pair of WileyX many years ago

Yes Vardy they certainly have, the lenses are all now digitally compensated to allow for the wrap, so towards the edge of the lenses the Rx is different to the centre of the lens which gives virtually distortion free peripheral vision.

Lenses in the past without this newer tech where like looking through a fish bowl, suffice to say they weren't overly successful.

Having the right lab doing the surfacing is a must. The lab I use for these specialist fitting all ride bikes so they understand what's nneded to get it right.

I have Ugly Fish photochromic brown which are perfect for dawn to twilight riding.
I wont use polarised glasses while riding because of safety reasons. (Can't see oil/water spots on road)

I did not know that Terry. I almost got some polarized ones. Sure glad the cost put me off

Sent you my prescription.......don't fall off your lab chair when you see it.....
See what you think anyway if its even possible

Todd see massages. I'll look into for you.

Spratty your a stand up guy my friend.....thank you for your reply.

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