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For Vardy and Hagar

For Vardy and Hagar

No explanation required


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Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... and flashbacks!!

Hmmmmmmmm hot as

Ok that's me wearing the T Shirt

Yeah Beachy .... he knew that. Be careful!

Speaking from Experience I suspect Peter!

Please Just don't show Deebs....

We've been roomies enough times Beachy .... my other nickname for him is Bubba!

I'll let you borrow it for special occasions Spratty ! Smiley-wink

Beachy you strike a very slim waist there, watch out for

That's oK mate, I don't want to cramp your style Smiley-wink

Did you say

I want one!

hardy, For your wife I hope

Thanks for the link to the site. I'm thinking she can just point at the t-shirt and not just talk so many times a day about the flashes.

That's a cool tee, but not for beachy. If you know what I mean, that is unless something's changed. LOL.

Did someone call my name

Where you been bro? Been talking about you for t he past 4 hours!

Been busy mate

LMAO! I'm living that dream here too. I'll have to get Julie one. Oh make that seven, if you know what I mean..... PLEASE don't tell her I said that.

I'm telling Glenn!!! LOL.

Nice T shirt AnnieOB(E) Deb concurs and had a laugh .

Nice one Annie

Looking at their site they have a lot of good one's !

How did I miss this pic? I must get one for Julie. Are they still available Annie?
Happy Birthday for tomorrow
No doubt you will be getting brekkie in bed and Adrian will be wearing the apron all day. Smiley-laughing

Hi Terry, Adrian got it for me from 'Sons of Arthritis' so they are probably still available!
Thanks for the birthday wishes....... And I can only hope!! Biggrin

Will it never end?


Still think your hot mate lol

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