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Vest Updated

Vest Updated

Had to remove a couple of old ones to make room.
Thanks again Edwin and Larry.



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Looks great Terry. I like the one "Contents Under Pressure". LOL.

Do you think it could relate to me Bill? Smiley-wink

Real good looking vest

Looks great Tezza and I only realised the other day sewing on Larry's patch that there never was a patch for the Broken Hill rally, I got the Tshirt but miss having a patch for that rally


Still need to get 4 patches sewn on mine. Went back in your pics when you posted the back side of it. You are pretty much out of room. Could add a pin or two here there. maybe, just maybe a real small patch. Would have to be even smaller the Valerie's rose patch.

One truly fine looking vest.

Terry ... do you hot-glue or see them on? Do you see yourself ?

I use a local seamstress to sew them on.

Hey Spratty, check this out.
Contact beachy. He may have a couple.

Hope you have room on the back. I can supply you with one more patch.

Cool, I still have heaps to sew on, been slack. I will have to do it before we go to USA.

Capt I have one for one more then I'm full up unless I want pocket sewn shut

It could be Tezza, LOL.

Thanks Tezza I following him up

Now I do like the " go home " patch in the upper left.

Nice Vest

Looking very cramped tezza , maybe you should buy another vest and start putting some of the old ones on that . Old patch vest and new patch vest .

Looks better that way than on the "old coat hanger" lol. Sorry Tez.

Don't lose any weight Terry, because you really need this size vest, otherwise you're running out of space! Vest looks great!

I have another vest and the only patch is on the back.
From scruffy.


Definetly getting over crowded. Nice though.

Nice Smiley-laughing

Thanks Dood. Haven't seen you for a while. Hope you're getting some rides in.

Yes I am mate Thx, Just been busy with life LOL

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