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View from Brisbane Balcony

View from Brisbane Balcony

man, that’s a looonnngg flight, but this is where I’ll be for most of the next month, trying to drum up more business and providing support for our field trials.. not much riding, I’m afraid  


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You should have made the hotel reservation further away from the business meetings and rented a bike to ride to them.

Hope you get a ride in mate!

Randy, unfortunately, motorcycle rentals in Australia are VERY expensive, so not very practical.

Len ... EVERYTHING to do with motorcycles is more expensive in Australia. We are probably the most price-gouged automotive group in the country !!!

I think we can compair with you Peter. Nice shot Len. Wish you all the luck you need for doing good business next coming month!

Welcome back Len
I hope your stay is profitable & you get to see some sites

Really nice view

Nice view. Enjoy your stay.

Enjoy the trip, cool pic

Soooo, maybe someone in Oz might pay you a visit. Help a brother out? Hint, hint. lol.

Still have a great time. You know all work and no play makes you sad. Enjoy

Len glad to hear you have arrived safely, remember to give us a call so we can catch up.

Unfortunately the Vulcan is still off the road, waiting on some parts to arrive from the US.

Nice view Len, my wife and I had a similar view of the Tower Bridge over the Thames from the Thistle Hotel in London. Enjoy your stay.

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