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A kangaroo having a rest under the rose bushes in our front garden!




Reminds me of all the deer we have in our yard every evening...

If I had critters coming through my yard, I'd be making great use of crossbow. Deer jerky, thanksgiving turkey, roo meat for my weiner hounds, etc. I just have the stray cat or dog come through.

That's funny. Randy, they have a annual bow hunting only deer season in the park in my neighborhood.

Cool, Do you get them often?

Every night ... lots of roo poo evidence. Occasionally during the day.

That thing is big.. Your a lucky guy to have them bouncing about.

Yes, I would prefer that he just bounces his ass on out of there. Not quite sure whether he can leave any poo evidence when he is bouncing. I do know cows and horses can go while walking along.

Always good for a boxing match isn’t it Peter?

I have a deer that does the same thing in our back yard. Most likely going, HA HA !! You cant shoot me !
Dang!! look at the front paws on the thing.

Peter, Bonita and my granddaughter loves that pic of the roo in your garden. Smiley-laughing

Thanks Will ... give them both a hug from me ;0))

Glad I don't have any rosebushes

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