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Vortex behind a semi-truck/trailer

Vortex behind a semi-truck/trailer

Shows the effects on a motorcylce rider.  Slaps you back & forth from the left & right.



Must be a lot of invisible ones running around. Interesting in I've never really noticed this, but could be that I don't follow them real close as i can't see anything in front. I have noticed the being slapped back and forth from left to right on many windy occasions.

Not a bad demo of the turbulence behind a large vehicle.

Better overtake him. Smiley-laughing In his blind-spot.

Reminds me of a phase a lot of young blokes went through in my youth. The theory was that if you got close enough behind a truck you could get sucked along in its slip stream, hence saving fuel. Bloody stupid thing really and I am sure more than one person ended up under the back of a truck trying it. Personally, I don’t like anything in front of me, which of cause is also bad, but more fun.

That turbulence is worse the faster they are traveling.... my Ex use to think it was great to get into that area.... I hate it, throws the bike anywhere it pleases pretty much.

That's for sure harleychic68. I hate it too.

Good one Charlie!
Semis are bad enough, but I'm sure holiday trailers are the worst. I don't think there's a lot of engineering goes into them (holiday trailers). I too make a point of getting around trucks & trailers as quickly as possible.
I really prefer side roads with less traffic and less disturbances.

Yes if following for some time, either go way back, or, tuck in behind so it does't buffer you, But you have to know what you doing to do that, I had to tuck in behind a car carrier when I went to reserve going acrross a 100klm plain, I made sure he knew I was there & he kindly sat on 90klm to tow me into Hay(If you sit in the right spot, the draft from the truck will tow you along),Again, this take's practice to do, just got into the servo, when it konked out of fuel

I'm with you Randy and usually try to avoid main highways, freeways, etc...

OK Charlie, tell me why I can't find your home page ....

You got me? Can't you just click on my Avatar? I still have trouble navigating CCC myself. Wouldn't work for me either. Try this...

Charlie, where'd that diagram come from? Looks a bit random. However, the turbulence is evident behind any vehicle. Yet much also can be said for the entire concept of airflow upon a motorcycle and rider.

While many riders are free-spirited travelers and like to ride with the wind in their hair and bugs in their teeth, I prefer to ride with a stock OEM windshield to enhance the airfoil around the bike and me.

Trucks produce not only violence turbulence, but there is the danger of rocks being thrown, dust particles entering the eyes and blinding your vision if but temporarily, yet dangerous, and the always possible retread throwing off. These bohemoths are to be skirted with vigilance!

Good safety niche item you've listed for us!

Don't know about other countries but never follow too close behind a truck (road train) in outback Australia. They spit kangaroos out the back at a dangerous rate of knots. A 50 lb roo can ruin your whole day if it hots you at 110 km/hr.

I think a windscreen is the most important improvement a person can make to a cruiser type bike. A windscreen does more to get you to your destination less tired than anything else on the bike. The constant pressure of wind on your torso for 200 miles can really wear you down and a windscreen helps mitigate that.

I got the diagram from a motorcycle riding website and can't remember where for sure. I wanted a diagram that showed the wake air coming off the front of the truck also. Dealing with air turbulence can be a bugger at times and stay away from riding between two semis. I'm with you Skeep as I try to avoid trucks when possible and especially logging trucks, hay trucks, etc.

Watch this video of a bike getting pushed over a foot of space. You also need to read his explanation.

Interesting. Driving/riding in Europe, vehicles traveling in excess of 100 mph in the "fast" lane push a band of wind in front of them which indeed "hits" you when they pass. Wind and its effects are powerful. Like another discussion stated, I indeed prefer to move clearly away from trucks, preferring to remain clearly visible to them at all times.

you are so right Charlie when that wind is against you. Although I have had cross winds that "almost killed me" literally. Blew me from one side of the interstate ,right side riding to the left side almost in the ditch before I regained control. Thank god guardian angel kept passing vehicles out of the space. Probably shouldn't have been riding when the steady cross wind was 35 mph and gusts upto 50 mph. Only 240 miles that day and totally frazzled. Have put in 400 miles in a day with no wind and felt pretty good yet.

I'm with you Randy can't stand being behind any trailer or when someone has something tied to their roof.

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