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VTX Lit up

VTX Lit up

If you are behind me this is what you will see.





Let there be light, looks good Rvj, but some cager will get you and then he will say the lights blinded me!
us bikers can never win. Ride safe mate.

If they can't see that, there blind

Nice...... On my to-do list for the winter.....

Looks nice, but for me it's too much. Half of them would be enough and still paying attention of drivers behind you.

Lights are only effective if the driver has their eyes on the road vs texting. This will help if they are in poor lighting conditions and watching

Nice work!!!

You can never have too many!

Certainly stands out!

Next to losts of "shiny stuff" you can NEVER have too many lights... Lookin' good!

The more lights, the better! Looks Good!!!!!

No prob seeing you at night brother...!!! LOL

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