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VTX1300 'Lit Up' for Wil

VTX1300 'Lit Up' for Wil

Wil, here is an example of what happens when there's sibling rivalry involved when it comes to lighting up our VTX's. We haven't quite reached the 'overkill' stage just yet. Wink


Own Photo: 




A few spots left. LOL

That bike should be highly visible! Looks great!

Missed a spot TG!!! LOL.

A two wheeled Christmas tree.

Well done and "Yes Its A Bright Honda "

Wow! That's all I got for that picture.. Just wow!

Looks good.

Uff da! I don't think I'd ever seen so many lights on a motorcycle before!

That's sure is bright TG, do they let you ride with them on or only like here for show stoppers...

Spratty, no problem here with LED lighting on motorcycles as long as they are not blinking or flashing except in a parade. Smiley-laughing

That looks great, TG! The question is: how do you KNOW when you've reached overkill?

Yeah I think they'd ping us here for riding with those on at night, but it would look cool, it would certainly draw some attention...

Alex, I suppose a good sign would be when the LED's begin to strain the battery. My understanding is that it would take a ton of them to do that. The LED's on this particular bike were left on by mistake over 24 hours once and the engine still fired up without a single hiccup. Go figure. Smiley-laughing

WOW !!! Your electrical system is holding that many lights. Great job !!!

Looking good Top!

Looks GREAT! That is how a vtx should look at night...

the bike is looking amazing TG

LED's don't use much juice. If they drain your battery, it'd probably be time for a new battery.

nice,how much is your electric bill,ha

I bought little led air valve caps,they come in diff colors,lights up the tires when your going fast,but I took mine off,cause they attract a lot of attention. nice if you ride with other bikes at night not too good if you drive fast like me,ha

I think it looks awesome TG and as others said I'm sure there's room for 1 more light.

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