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Wadda ya think?

Wadda ya think?

Found an online place that'll make one off Tee's. You can't buy CCC tee's any more so I 'll do my own. Not exactly the companies style.




We want two. Let us know the price Edwin You'll have to choose your style, sizes and colors. I'll post just the design. Save it on your PC and then you
can load it to the site.


Good work Edwin !!

Put me down for one. But I am XXX or XXXX. I am fluffy. Of course once you figure out the price I will confirm and maybe order 2. Your link only shows XL as biggest size....dough.

Nice work Edwin

good job

great stuff Edwin. Probably a good thing that it isn't a copy of the old logo. The new owners would hold copy right over it. This is really good. I like it.

Cool stuff Edwin !

Could the spelling of cruizer / cruiser be an issue?

Terry, I'm not planning on producing or selling them. If I make one for myself and use it myself I don't think there's a problem. If someone want's to use it to make one, I'm happy for them. If they want to produce them, my price is one in my size and maybe a 12 pack of their local brew.

Sounds good to me.

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