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Waiting on Shocks

Waiting on Shocks

New disc installed and caliper rebuilt just waiting on the shocks to be returned now. Hopefully end of next week.

Luckily I have the Tiger to ride


Own Photo: 


All looks brand new and squeaky clean in there Spratty.

Yes came up really nice thanks Dub.


Waiting on shocks? I'll send you some of my bills. That should give you more than enough shocks....
Looking good Dave.

Yeah got plenty of those too Al..

Very nice!

That looks excellent, Dave! You’re sure you don’t want to give me a hand with my timing belts??

Thanks Len, if it we were a little closer, maybe. Smiley-laughing

Great work mate!
The wet weather all weekend had me doing maintenance on a few bikes in the shed on the weekend.

Looks good.

Getting ready for more riding. Nice and shinny, well have fun when you get it all finished..

Good job Dave.

Yeah Steve, wet here too but still managed a ride on Sunday morning before the afternoon deluge.

Yes Wayne hoping for a dry winter where I can do plenty of riding without the heat.

And the best part. You know how good the guy is that did the work.

Anyway, We could use some of that heat.

I'll send some over John. 33°c today and the first month of Autumn nearly over.

Good. With 33C you have room to share.

Friday was 23.3C. a teaser. I burned off all the gas from over the winter.

Well done Dave you missed your calling . Mechanic. She'll be in tip top shape for W.H.10

Yes Ray and seeing as it's up my neck of the woods I'll be taking the Vulcan on WH10

Have you always been this mechanically minded Dave?
Or is this all new to you?

Matt, I'd say yes. I've always enjoyed taking things apart but I must say I've been more adventurous in my later years and just enjoy doing my own maintenance.

The Vulcan is pretty easy to work on. The Triumph Tiger I leave to the experts. I know my limitations.

LOL Spratty... I also know my limitations, so I bring both bikes to Ap from the bikerstore!

Yes. Same here Gert. I know where the fuel goes, and the air. That’s it. Lol.

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