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Wall to Wall Police Remebrance Ride patch

Wall to Wall Police Remebrance Ride patch

Sewed the Wall2Wall ride patch on


Own Photo: 


Looks good!!

Very nice.

Looks good Dave. Safe travels have a great time. At least you won't get a speeding fine.

No vests or colours permitted, yet they send out a patch go figure.

Good one Spratty....but tell me, how did you unmirror a mirror shot selfie???

Good question Dub!! LOL

That's strange Dave........ not permitting to wear a vest with patches and having their own?! LOL

Looking good Spratty

An over the shoulder shot back towards mirror then flipped the pic

My fund raising amount has reached $1582.00

Very good Dave. Keep up the good work

Good job Dave.

Awesome job. In my area if they said "no colors" they'd get no bikes. About 25-30 percent of all riders wear colors. The majority of the rest respect the colors and wouldn't ride.

Good job!

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