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Wash Day!

Wash Day!

The Ute got a hose down as well



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Looking good.

WOW.. You were busy. I just got finished waxing the Guzzi after the service. They sure look pretty

Good job Steve. Why didn't you let me know? I could have brought mine around. Smiley-wink

As long as you got them clean

Need a bigger garage yet?

All three nice and clean. I get to clean two here.

Don't go getting them dirty now will ya !!!
Ride Safe ....

Did you miss one?

I missed 3, they don't need it yet.

Steve, are you saying you have 3 other bikes besides these? Guess I don't need to pay someone to rent one from, I'll just pay you in beer to borrow one for a bit and I'll even wash it when I'm done.

That'll work!


That's MBS!!! Three bikes.... Takes you a bloody day to clean them all!!! LOL

Not really Gert, usually truck wash and a pressure washer.

I'm afraid to use a pressure washer or if the jet setting on the garden hose sprayer. Use S100 spray for the presoak, then a gentle shower. Then the blow dryer to dry.

I just fire up the steam cleaner and blast all the road grime off. They get very clean at 4000 psi. Not much washing by hand. I do wax by hand still. To wash the 3 bikes only takes about 20 mins.

Wayne ... except for windscreens LOL!!

I saw Marek washing his bike with highpressure and his bike was still running after he washed his bike, so from that time when my bike is really dirty I do the same. Most of the time I wash my bike by using a gentle shower and washing and polishing by hand... 20 minutes for a quick one but half a day to do a very good polish....

Same here Gert. It gives me a chance to check the bike over for possible worn, loose or missing parts.

One of the thrills of having MBS Steve.

We have one bike each. With that I don't qulify for MBS. But then I clean and detail both, maintain both and fix both and so on. I don't know you tell me!

A public holiday here today, so I'm in the shed trying to get another one going.

Peter:The windscreens don't get blasted the lexan really doesn't like 4,000 psi of 150 deg water. Tends to strip the plastic layers apart. They do get a quick blast about 15 in's distance. I have never had any issues with the wiring or paint I am a little careful with the jet stream..

I have got a screen for the new/old one as well.

Wayne ... I only need to be told once .... lol

Good Peter.. quick learner

Complemented by good teachers

I'll stay with the pressure washer to do the sidewalks and drive way. I wouldn't use one on a baby and my bikes are my babies. Just like everything else, each to their own as how one washes or doesn't wash the bike, as it does not affect anyone else.

My owners manual says not to pressure wash the bike.

Randy, There were times the baby needed it!

yes the baby was stinky at times but never needed a pressure washing, just a bit of a soak and rinse.

Where is the fun in that?

He just likes spending quality time with his babies. I just want to knock off the chunks and go RIDE

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