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Wasted money...

Wasted money...

It's exactly 15 years ago they build these new office buildings... both never used since then. It's for rent all those years, but they continue building new offices and... most of them are also empty!

It's maybe not the most beautiful pic, so are the buidlings, but it's about the contest subject, wasted money... I think it is! I could also choose "art" pictures for example, as there is a lot of so called art rubbish to see around Barneveld, but I thought this is also about lots of bad spend money...


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The first go around would not be wasted money, but building more when the first ones have been rented or sold yet is truly wasteful.

That's plain crazy. Throwing good money after bad

Oh....for a minute I thought you were talking about little red.....

That is just stupid. Building more when the first ones didn't work out.

Gert ... the architecture is very "Stalinist" ... maybe that's why no one wants to work there!! LOL

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