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Wasted Money

Wasted Money

This is part of the waste we have. Why not patch the whole spot in the road or pave the entire road? They have to spend more money to come back and fix it right. Why not do it right the first time?




They have to use the whole budget they get to spend over a year Allen. No budget left for this year, so... They do it half and come again next year to fix it. That makes double the costs spend over two years, but they'll stay within the yearly budget... so they did a proper job!!! LOL

They can't budget a pot hole? Only half?

You pretty much summed it up Gert.

Yup that's about it Gert.

Best way my friends ... shake our heads, smile and have a Ride !
As Aron said ; If in doubt Throttle it out Smiley-laughing

Just dodge the pit holes

Jupp Allen ! Way to go ! Lol !! Smiley-laughing
Same way over here !
A piece here and a piece there of asphalt in the holes and thats it , mostly ! Smiley-laughing
Cheers mate ! Smiley-laughing

You would think they could fix the whole pot hole at once, lol

Zaccery the same issue here in Aust.

Similar to over here. In some roads you will see hundreds of patches in a 30 metre area.

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